Rewards FAQs

Shop, Collect & Treat Yourself.

The Rewards scheme rewards you for shopping with us, when you've got enough points you can treat yourself to anything on our online store. 

How do I join the rewards programme?

Joining is easy - simply create a account and you will automatically join our rewards scheme. New members will receive 200 reward points to get you started on your trading card rewards journey. Sign up here.

Who is eligible to join the Rewards scheme?

Everyone! Simply sign up for an account here and start earning reward points today.

How do I collect reward points?

For every order you place you'll receive 5 points per £1. You'll also receive additional points on your birthday, when you refer a friend (and they place an order with us), when you share products on Facebook and when you write a product review.

How do I redeem reward points?

Log in to your Soplayerames account and click on the reward points value in the top right hand corner. Here you can choose to redeem your points for different values. Once you've selected your chosen value you will be given a coupon code to deduct your redeemed reward points off your next order. A copy of the voucher code will be sent to your rewards account email address too. Redeem 500 points for a £5 voucher, 1000 points for a £10 voucher or 2500 points for a £25 voucher.

How do I use my reward points?

Once you've redeemed your reward points and received your voucher via email, use the code to deduct the voucher's value off your order at the checkout page.  

How can I spend my reward points?

Reward points can be redeemed at different levels. Once redeemed you will receive a voucher code for the value of redemption. You can use the voucher to deduct the value of the voucher off your order, however you cannot partially spend your voucher. Each voucher is valid for one use only, meaning if you have a £25 voucher and your order only comes to £20 you cannot save the remaining £5 of the value of the voucher.  

How do I check how many reward points I have?

Sign in to your account and your points balance will be visible in the top right hand corner.

Can I use reward points to purchase all products? reward points can be earned on every product. You will receive 5 points per £1 spent, this includes the cost of postage and packing. For example if you spend £10.05 on booster packs and £2.95 on postage you will redeem 65 reward points.

What happens if my order is cancelled or refunded?

Any reward points that were earned as a result of that order will be deducted from your account balance.  However, rewards points that were redeemed as part payment of that order will be reinstated. 

Why have my reward points gone down?

If you or one of you referrals recently cancelled a purchase or recently made a return, this could affect your balance.

I've just placed an order/ signed up/ engaged on social media but my points haven't been added.

Not to worry - sometimes your account can take a little longer to be updated, however if you don't see your points within 24 hours get in touch with our customer service team and a representative will happily add these on for you. 

Can I use reward points and a discount voucher code at the same time?

No, promotional coupon codes and reward points cannot be used alongside each other. For example if you have received a £5 voucher code for signing up to our newsletter you cannot use this when spending reward points, however if you choose to use the £5 voucher discount you will continue to earn reward points on the value of your order. 

Do my reward points ever expire?

Regular customers have no expiry date to spend their reward points and they can be collected over a period of years, however accounts that have not been active for 12 months will have their points deducted and your reward points balance will be set to zero. 

If I return an order purchased with my reward points can I redeem the points back?

Yes, once we've received your returned items any reward points spent on this order will be added back on to your account for future use.

Can I get points backdated for any order I placed before you launched the programme?

No, points can only accrued after the programme launch date.  

Can I get points for registering my birthday?

Yes, however your birthday must be added 30 days or more before the actual date in order for you to be automatically awarded the birthday points. However once your birthday is added in you'll receive points every year.

Who can I contact if I have a query?

Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help with any queries you may have. You can get in touch with our customer services team