Bushiroad are just about to release their newest trading card game - Dragoborne. According to some commentators online this could the most exciting trading card release of 2017.  

Dragoborne is a strategic trading card game with unique mechanics that involve the use of dice within the game. You can empower creatures, strengthen spells, and overcome all who would stand between you and glory.

The Story:


The omnipotent dragon died peacefully, and from its divine form the world of Vashr was sired, as well as a pantheon of gods, the embodiments of the world’s natural laws. The gods blessed the world by creating spirits who were responsible for populating the world, and these spirits in turn blessed the world with the seeds of life. A myriad of creatures of various races and species began to flourish and migrate to all corners of the land.

Among those creatures, 5 stood above all the rest. These 5 individuals had power far greater than any other on Vashr, and they each bore a mark on their body. They became known as Dragolords, chosen descendants of the legendary Progenitor Dragon who each bore a portion of the great creature’s power.

Thus began the battle for supremacy between the Dragolords, as each of them desired to attain more power for themselves. In the wake of their cataclysmic battles, the world of Vashr was torn apart; the earth itself was rent, and some species were even driven into extinction. To prevent further destruction, the Dragolords struck an agreement: they would each found their own nation and recruit their own armies, and let the battles between those nations decide the victor among them.

The races who served the Dragolords were protected, and were given a portion of the mighty descendant’s power. Due to this, other beings bearing a mark similar to those that the Dragolords possessed began to appear. Each of these beings had their own goals and ideals, and as news of their exploits spread throughout the land their power and influence grew to rival even the Dragolords themselves. These warriors became known as the Dragoborne.

And now, at the dawn of a new age of war, a new Dragoborne steps forward, eager to carve their own legend into the annals of Vashr’s bloodstained history.


The World of Dragoborne

Dragoborne is played out across the continent of Praelis which comprises of the following worlds:

Dragoborne World Map



Floating high above the ground is the continent of Logres, the domain of the Dragolord Althaine. It is a sacred land brimming with magical power, blessed by deities and holy spirits long ago. Its capital, Libratia, is a beautiful city with gleaming buildings and magnificent courtyards. Its inhabitants believe in upholding justice at any cost, so much so that those from other nations label them zealots.


A lush, wild land teeming with flora and fauna – that is Tir Na Nog, presided upon by the Dragolord Laelania. Although it is called a “nation”, the Dragolord does not rule its people – all its inhabitants simply happened to gather and live in the same lands. Its capital, Uhnderlas, is a city made of living plants found in the belly of the Yggdrasil, an ancient and magical tree whose branches cover the sky around Tir na Nog.


Olous represents a conglomerate of smaller nations that have united under the banner of the Dragolord Linx. Each nation cooperates with each other to ensure their own survival, and pays tribute to the Dragolord who in turn provides them with technology and information gleaned from his research. Linx resides in Minerva, a mobile underwater fortress he built himself that doubles as a research and development facility.


A militaristic nation in the north that values strength above all else ruled by the Dragolord Grousk. Each race that calls Tauris its home contributes to the military might of the nation, and are prepared to go to war at a moment’s notice. This mindset can be seen in the construction of its capital city Hephaestus, which can withstand siege from air or land for days on end.


A desolate landscape that is home to dark creatures and undead alike, Niflheim is ruled by the Dragolord Adraste. Its capital, Urd, lies deep underground, and is in a perpetual state of hedonistic revelry and decadence. The inhabitants of Urd include the powerful Overlords, who each command their own armies and answer directly to Adraste.

How the game works

Dragoborne is a strategic trading card game that uses dice as an integral part of the game. Players roll the dice and incorporate them into their strategy, using them to defend their forts from enemy attacks, or infusing their creatures with power, all while drawing on them to fuel their efforts as they strive to dominate the board.

Dice can be used as a Dragoshield, to be the front line of defense against your opponent, allowing you to conserve your creatures for a counter-attack!  Players can also use dice to power up your creatures by Dragocrossing them, increasing their combat capability, and even granting them new abilities.  Dice may also affect the battlefield in a more indirect manner, such as being used as a cost by abilities, in order to evoke an effect on the battlefield.  The values of the dice may also be directly referenced in abilities, potentially giving them bonus effects or alternate costs.

The Dragobourne TCG is due to be released on 4th August, 2017 with 3 trial decks, and then the first booster box will be released two weeks later on 17th August.

The Dragoborne Trial Decks available on the 4th August are;

Shadow Legion Vol 1. 

The tides of chaos have begun to spread. A dark host marches upon the realm of the living, and not even death can stall their advance. Only the bravest warriors dare oppose it, but will they survive the confrontation, or join the ranks of the undead?

Shadow Legion is a straightforward deck that takes the fastest route to finish the game. Play fast creatures and overwhelm your opponents with a barrage of attacks!


Mystical Hunters Vol 2. 

A skilled hunter does not simply leap forward without a plan. The best huntsmen are patient and careful, lest they engage a prey they cannot hope to take down. Analyze the target, prepare for all scenarios... then can you lose yourself to the thrill of the hunt.

Mystical Hunters is a strategic deck that rewards players for planning their turns and plays. Lull your opponents into a false sense of security, then counter-attack swiftly!


Alpha Dominance Vol 3.

The strong thrive and the weak perish. Such is the way of life on the savage world of Vashr, a rule established long before the rise of the Dragolords. With a new age of war dawning upon the land, only the most powerful and resourceful of creatures can survive...

Dictate the flow of the game with the Alpha Dominance deck and crush your opponents! Dominate the field, and victory will quickly be within your grasp!


Each Dragobourne Trial Deck contains:

- 1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 53 pre-set cards

- 21 types of cards (6 trial deck exclusives, inclusive of 6 holo cards) 

- Rulebook, playmat and 3 dice (black, yellow and red) are included

- 1 PR card will be included in each trial deck, with a chance to receive a holo PR card instead!

The Rally to War booster box will be released a couple of weeks featuring cards from all of the five colors, allowing players to build all sorts of decks featuring dragons, angels, elves, werebeasts, and more!



Final Thoughts

With the inclusion of dice this game feels quite different to the more common Bushiroad games like Buddyfight or Cardfight! Vanguard and we wonder if Bushiroad are aiming this more at the Magic: The Gathering players or even dare we stay it D n' D.  

We won't know until the is fully released whether the gameplay will live up to its hype but one thing is certain and that is the artwork on these Dragoborne cards is truly stunning.